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Sharp has the experience to manage the particular challenges of the assembly, labelling and packaging of injectables, such as the Ypsomate 1ml device.

While Sharp is already assembling multiple injection devices for our biotech and pharma customers, we are now expanding our service to offer the assembling and packaging of the Ypsomate device. The Ypsomate device family addresses the industries need for a convenient, fast-to-market platform device, for example supporting emergency products and at home administrations.

Ypsomate Injectable

Growth in demand for Injectable device platforms

The changing make-up of the prescription market is having direct implications for drug formulations, delivery and packaging.  It is widely acknowledged that injectable devices are the fastest-growing category (at 10% CAGR) the delivery of complex biotech formulations.  Within the injectables category, pre-filled syringes, pens and cartridges represent the fastest-growing segment by value at 14% CAGR. [*Source: IQVIA]. 

*Source: IQVIA Global Pharma Trends and Implications for Drug Delivery, Formulations and Packaging

Solutions for assembly, labelling and packaging

In response to this continued growth of the injectables market, Sharp are further expanding their assembly, labelling and packaging capabilities for vials, pre-filled syringes and pens and auto injector devices.  The Ypsomate 1ml auto-injector is an automated disposable injection device triggered by push-on-skin activation, which makes it convenient, ergonomic and suitable for all patients.

While these devices are particularly suited to a more patient-centered solution, they can pose particular challenges for handling, assembly and packaging, such as:

  • Requiring custom assembly and labelling, as biologics are often packed in smaller batches
  • Demanding a higher degree of technical precision for assembly and labelling, as there is an extremely low tolerance for label placement deviations as most presentations have critical to quality aspects
  • Most biologic formats will also need specialized, temperature and light-controlled management
  • Serialization and speciality distribution are also required

Our teams of experts are familiar with the complexities of packaging high-value biotech therapies and offer solutions that protect product integrity and ensure quality. Get in touch with our experts today.

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