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Sharp is experienced in the assembly, labeling and packaging of injectables, including the YpsoMate device.

While Sharp assembles multiple injection devices for our biotech and pharma customers, we have expanded our service to cover the assembling and packaging of the YpsoMate passive prefilled autoinjector device. We offer global support from our US and EU facilities with the ability to manage both small batch and large-volume production. Our capabilities essential to injectables include temperature and light controlled management, kitting and serialization. 

Ypsomate Injectable

At Ypsomed we work closely with specialist partners like Sharp to ensure that our self-injection devices are optimally integrated into our pharma client’s supply chains.
Ian Thompson, Vice President Business Development, Ypsomed Delivery Systems

Growth in demand for Injectable device platforms

The YpsoMate device family addresses the industry’s need for a convenient, fast-to-market device platform that supports global growth in emergency drug products and patient preferences for self-administration injections. The global autoinjector market is anticipated to exhibit a CAGR of 19.5% [*Source: Grand View Research]. 

*Source: Grand View Research Auto-Injectors Market Size, Share, Global Industry Report, 2019-2026 

Solutions for assembly, labeling and packaging autoinjector devices

In response to continued growth in the autoinjector market, Sharp offers assembly, labeling and packaging capabilities for vials, pre-filled syringes, pens and autoinjector devices. The YpsoMate device is an automated disposable injection device triggered by push-on-skin activation, which makes it convenient, ergonomic and suitable for all patients.

While these devices are particularly suited to a more patient-centered solution, they can pose specific challenges for handling, assembly and packaging, such as:

  • Requiring custom assembly and labeling, as biologics are often packed in smaller batches
  • Demanding a higher degree of technical precision for assembly and accurate label positioning
  • Most biologic formats require specialized, temperature and light-controlled management
  • Serialization and specialty distribution

Our teams of experts are familiar with the complexities of autoinjector device assembly, labeling and packaging. Get in touch with our experts today.

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