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Our team of designers at the Sharp Global Design Center know the importance of creating packaging that is not only highly functional but also aesthetically appealing. Our knowledge of regulatory and compliance challenges places us as the market leader for structural and graphic packaging design.

Using the latest software and technology, our skilled design department offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure your product’s packaging is consumer friendly and differentiates itself in the market.

We currently offer design services for the following packtypes:

  • Cartons
  • Blisters
  • Kits
  • Literature
  • Wallet card
  • Pouches
  • Vial Labels
  • Syringe Labels
  • Pen Labels
  • Bottle Labels

Idea Generation

Specifications of the product drive the generation of many structural possibilities. Our team will assess these specifications and present the best design for your product.

Structural Design

Structural design is driven by several considerations: child-resistance, senior-friendly, tamper evident, functionality, aesthetics, cost, production efficiency, convenience of use, specified materials, and production quantities.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design specialists have years of experience in graphic development specifically for packaging as well as the ability to execute revisions to existing customer artwork. Graphic design considerations: serialisation, brand identity, aesthetics, communication and market differentiation.

Packaging Samples

Professional packaging samples are often used for human factor studies, marketing presentations and photography. We have the capability to produce samples that are a direct resemblance of the commercial package.

Tray Design

Our team accurately measures product components to develop a tray design that best fits the needs of the product.

3D Printing

3D printed samples confirm the accuracy of the tray design. This is an excellent verification for the fit of the product components.

Shipper and Pallet Design

Our structural designers create shippers and pallet patterns based on the finished good to ensure a sale delivery of product.