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At Sharp, we are proud to be an industry leader in state-of-the-art, attractive, economical and consumer-friendly pouches, sachets and stick packs.

As the longest established contract packager in North America, we have designed and developed some of the most innovative pouch packaging in the industry – part of our comprehensive array of pouch, sachet and stick pack designs. It has also enabled us to establish the largest assembly of form, fill and seal equipment in the industry, giving us extensive cutting-edge production capabilities.

We have the capacity to produce more than two billion pouches annually, expertly packaging our clients’ solid-dose, semi-solid, liquid, powder, cream and ointment products. We use a wide range of advanced packaging materials, including coated papers, high barrier foils and polymer laminates, carefully recommending the very best option for each product.

Our experts can offer:

  • Child-resistant features
  • Powders, sublingual strips, solid dose, micro-tabs, liquids, creams and gels
  • Harro-Hoffinger, Laudenberg, Vertical C and Utila Pac pouching lines
  • Merz stick-pack lines
  • Peelable openings
  • Dedicated hormone and probiotic suites
  • RH-controlled suites
  • Serialisation of products at 4 levels: pouch, carton, shipper and pallet

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