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Sharp Commercial US hosted the Drug & Pharmaceutical Packaging Committee (DPPC) of the Institute of Packaging Professionals this month. Fifty members visited Allentown for their summer meeting, a record number of attendees in recent years. Sharp had hosted dinners and happy hour with this fine group of folks from all major Pharma and Biotech companies.

On the final day of the meeting, members toured the Allentown campus with Tom Magilton, Bryan Liberti, Scott Grandi, and Jen Brita. After the tour, a brief overview of Sharp was given and followed by a Q&A session with Jeff Benedict, Rick Seibert, and Michael Owens.

This event was a great way to showcase Sharp’s capabilities and expertise. Many thanks to those who made this event run smoothly and a giant success!

About the Drug and Pharmaceutical Committee of the Institute of Packaging Professionals 

The Drug and Pharmaceutical Packaging Committee of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) is organized to study the overall packaging operations and related problems of the drug and pharmaceutical industry. Its objective is to study the technical advances and problems in the packaging area of the pharmaceutical industry through its membership. The information solicited by the Committee at the meetings will be restricted to the scientific and technical aspects of packaging. The Institute of Packaging Professionals is dedicated to creating networking and educational opportunities that help packaging professionals succeed.

Great to meet new and familiar faces at #CTSBoston2019 this week!
If you missed our round table discussion on how to leverage #ClinicalIRT to improve #clinicaltrial efficiency, you can watch our on-demand webinar here:

#CTSBoston2019 has officially come to an end! Thank you to all our sponsors and partners for supporting us in this educational day of executive networking and building strategic partnerships! Hope to see you all again in our next CTS Strategy Meeting.

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