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Jennifer Herrera, Project Coordinator – Sharp Global Design Center

Jennifer works as part of a team of skilled, experienced designers to create custom packages for pharmaceutical clients, offering unique insight into secondary and tertiary structural design, graphic design and sample development. She manages various testing programs (CRSF testing to CPSC and ISO standards, ship studies, accelerated aging studies, USP testing) at Sharp, ensuring that packs have been designed and tested with safety in mind.

Jennifer is committed to helping clients bring their drug product to market with quality, functionality and safety ingrained in the packaging design.

Guiding Sharp clients through the package design and development stage, she creates and delivers packaging concepts that enables them to visualize their commercial product for the first time. She collaborates with a cross functional team of Sharp experts and suppliers to ensure concepts are efficiently producible, helping to avoid disruptive and costly changes in the future.

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Nick Kuppens, Project & Sales Support

Nick is an expert in packaging processes, equipment technologies, packaging design, costing model creation and execution.

Excited by the possibility to ‘imagineer’ processes and designs for complex packaging challenges, he shares a Sharp-wide passion for collaborating with our international clients and partners on projects which ultimately improve patients’ lives.

He has been heavily involved in delivering rapid solutions for COVID vaccines, developing assembly and packaging processes for medical devices and implementing sustainable mono-material packaging concepts. In this space, he offers a deep understanding of engineering, patient experience and innovating in equipment and packaging design.

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John McCullough, Industrial Engineering Manager, Continuous Improvement

John is an expert in lean six sigma methodologies, management systems, facilitation, strategy, process improvement, culture change and developing employees.

Inspiring people to think differently and seeing things not as they are but how they could be, John plays a crucial role in Sharp’s continuous improvement program, which enables us to address complex engineering problems, continuously optimize our drug launch capabilities and make systematic changes that benefit all clients.

Passionate about helping our clients and their patients, he ensures Sharp is an invaluable extension of our client’s supply chain. He often leads internal programs that explore new opportunities and emerging problems and ultimately scopes these into viable projects that deliver meaningfully positive change for our clients.

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Lisa Parkhouse, UK Qualified Person

Lisa has 25+ years’ experience working across a variety of quality roles at Sharp and has deep expertise in UK QP requirements for batch certification, UK QP Oversight of Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) imported from EU, Quality Management Systems and GMP manufacturing.

Providing essential guidance to ensure QP batch certification requirements are in place so IMPs can reach patients quickly and safely, Lisa plays a pivotal role in the clinical trials that Sharp supports.

Integral to Sharp’s quality culture, she supports client and regulatory audits, quality investigations and trains Sharp colleagues on current GxP requirements as part of Sharp’s commitment to the reliable, secure delivery of drugs that make a real difference to people’s lives.

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Bob Macadangdang, Sales Operations Lead

Bob is an expert in Sharp’s commercial service offerings, cost/benefit analysis and understanding how to capture and synthesize data to inform better internal decision-making and support clients in the procurement and delivery of their projects.

With over 35 years’ experience across various manufacturing operations, he has been with Sharp since 2007 and works closely with our commercial business development managers to support sales growth of all packaging platforms.

Driven by the knowledge that Sharp is helping improve the health and wellbeing of patients around the world, Bob plays a vital role in providing prospective and existing clients with solutions, support and the information they need to make informed outsourcing decisions.

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