To find out more about our our commercial packaging services, please contact:

Kristen Berg, Marketing Manager

To complement our primary and secondary packaging services, Sharp’s Global Design team offers both the creativity and precision needed to create highly functional and compliant pharmaceutical packaging, tailored to your needs. 

With years of experience in developing innovative packaging, our designers offer expertise in brand development, existing artwork modification, FDA submission requirements, marketing studies, 3D rendering and child resistant/senior friendly compliant design.

Secondary packaging often involves an array of complex activities, such as blister carding and thermoforming, kitting and assembly, serialization and other custom processes. These activities can make design and engineering challenging due to the large variability in materials, presentation types and the need to reduce time to market despite the complexity of projects.

We use the latest software and technology to offer a comprehensive range of design services to ensure your product packaging is high quality, end-user friendly and unique in the market.

Alongside structural and graphic design development, we offer a breadth of services to support your rapid launch and routine commercial artwork updates.

Artwork Design Services

We have the in-house capability to customize artwork to specific market requirements. Whether initial mock-ups to support the product registration or safety updates, our designers can support you.

Packaging Samples

We have the in-house capability to produce production-quality samples that are a direct resemblance of the commercial the commercial package for use in human factor studies, marketing presentations and photography.

Tray Design

Our team accurately measures product components to develop a tray design that best fits the needs of your drug.

3D Printing

We have the in-house technology to produce 3D printed samples of trays and other packaging component designs to quickly verify the fit of all product components.

Shipper and Pallet Design

Our structural designers create shippers and pallet patterns based on your finished good to ensure the protection of your drug throughout storage and distribution.

CR/SF – Child Resistant/Senior Friendly Compliant Design and Testing

Our team collaborates with you to identify and design the right child-resistant/senior-friendly package to suit the toxicity of the product. We also project manage the coordination of packaging and tests to comply with 16 CFR-1700.20 CPSC Regulations and ISO 8317 Standards.