To find out more about our our commercial packaging services, please contact:

Kristen Berg, Marketing Manager

Autoinjector Packaging

Our experts have extensive experience managing the complexities of packaging high-value biotech drugs in delivery systems that require custom assembly and labeling processes.

Do you require a custom assembly, labeling and packaging line?

Sharp can engineer and run a dedicated line for your autoinjector or pen device. 

Have you already selected the YpsoMate®, Molly® or Physioject™ as your autoinjector platform?

We have the capabilities to support the specific assembly, labeling and packaging requirements of these devices.

Is your device pre-assembled and now requiring labeling and packaging?

In addition to supporting device-specific lines, Sharp can label and package most currently marketed pre-assembled autoinjector and pen devices. 

We complement our core packaging services with capabilities essential to biotech drugs including package design, cold chain storage, packaging in temperature and light-controlled environments, serialization and specialty distribution.

Our teams collaborate with you to engineer optimal autoinjector and pen packaging solutions from packaging design to production line efficiency.

YpsoMate® is a registered trademark of The Ypsomed Group. Molly® is a registered trademark of SHL Medical. Physioject™ is a trademark of Becton, Dickinson and Company.