To find out more about how Sharp Analytical Services can support your next project, please contact:

Robert Feltz, Director of Analytical and Formulation Services

We offer analytical services at the same site as formulation development, providing a streamlined approach to get your product ready for clinical trials.

Our analytical testing capabilities:

Excipient/Raw Material Release Testing: Ensure the integrity of your pharmaceutical suppliers with comprehensive analysis of raw materials, including identity, purity and other quality assessments.

In-process Testing: Support process control and optimization with real-time monitoring of critical quality attributes (CQAs) during the manufacturing process.

QC Release Testing: Confirm the quality, potency and regulatory compliance of drug product batches.

Stability Testing: Determine the shelf life, retest date and storage conditions of your drug product with ICH-compliant long-term, intermediate and accelerated stability testing.

Method Development, Validation, USP Verification, and Transfer: Develop and validate the customized analytical procedures for your product.

Impurity Profiling: Ensure product safety and purity by identifying and quantifying impurities, including degradation products and residual solvents

Dissolution Testing: Understand drug product bioavailability and efficacy by evaluating release rate and dissolution profiles.

Trust Sharp with your analytical testing

We understand the importance of analytical testing. That’s why we provide analytical services and formulation development at the same site. Nothing else is needed to take your innovation straight for Phase I in as little as four weeks. 

Using our expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and knowledge of regulatory compliance, we can ensure the quality, safety and efficacy of your formulations. We work closely with you, aligning our analytical testing services with formulation development, delivering accurate and reliable results to the shortest possible timelines.

With Sharp, you get a partnership shaped around you. We are committed to protecting your innovation and supporting you to the next stop on your journey, clinical trials.