To find out more about Pharmaceutical Product Development, please contact:

Robert Feltz, Director of Analytical and Formulation Services

  • Immediate, orally disintegrating, modified, delayed, extended release and controlled-release tablets and capsules
  • Over-encapsulation for double-blind studies
  • Bioavailability enhancement
  • Highly-potent compounds
  • DEA controlled substances (Schedule I-V)
  • Combination of multiple APIs
  • Matching placebo (solid, semi-solid and liquid dosage form)
  • Powder/blend filling in bottles, vials and pouches using automatic filling machine
  • Drug layering and particle coating (Wurster column and top spray coating processes)
  • Liquid in hard gel capsule and banding/sealing
  • Solution, suspension, powder for reconstitution
  • Tablet, capsule and pellet coating
  • Semi-solid and topical formulation development

Sharp’s experienced product development scientists will evaluate the critical quality attributes of each formulation from R&D concept to GMP manufacturing campaigns. We provide a forward-thinking approach to anticipate future challenges, de-risk your program and ensure delivery against your schedule. 

Applying multidisciplinary expertise and a robust quality by design framework to develop and evaluate the best processing conditions and reliable solutions for your product, our experienced team can optimize formulations for a range of dosage forms. 

Our team has developed a time-tested approach to overcome common formulation challenges paired with the flexibility and capability to create custom solutions that meet the needs of your formulation development and clinical strategy.

Our analytical and research & development teams use advanced investigative technologies to provide clients with the innovation required to move a product from clinical development to commercialization and ultimately to patients.