China-Based Clinical Trial Support

Sharp is delighted to partner with ClinsChain to offer clinical services support to the Chinese market. Paul Cao, General Manager at ClinsChain, tells us more about the business.

1. Tell us a little about ClinsChain and what it offers?

CLINSCHAIN is a leading China-based clinical trial supply service company that is committed to delivering high quality and high values to customers. The company has operation centers with a total area of 5,000 square meters in Shanghai and Beijing of China and runs a global depot network in more than 10 countries and regions. The services that CLINSCHAIN provides cover import and export, global IMP/ancillary sourcing, storage, distribution, logistics, return/ destruction, IMP blinding, label and packaging material design and production, IMP packaging, equipment leasing, IMP demand planning, IWRS management services, etc.

Since its establishment, CLINSCHAIN has been highly recognized by the industry and customers for its unique value proposition and unremitting pursuit of quality, regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. CLINSCHAIN has been operating in more than 10 countries and regions and provided services to over 100 traditional pharmaceutical enterprises and R&D-based emerging pharmaceutical enterprises. It currently manages over 500 clinical trials and delivers more than 12,000 distribution orders on annual basis.

2. How will the Sharp and ClinsChain partnership benefit clients of our businesses?

For ClinsChain’s China-based clients, the partnership will provide them with better solutions to run global trials. Through Sharp’s global facility network and ClinsChain’s in-depth knowledge of the China market, we will be able to offer global solutions that ensure quality and regulatory compliance and at the same time provide efficiency and higher values.

For Sharp’s global clients, the partnership will provide them with better access to the China market. Through ClinsChain’s expertise and its strategically chosen locations in the China market, customers will be able to run their trials in China with true international standards and local operations.

3. What is your ambition for ClinsChain in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years, CLINSCHAIN will grow into the strongest clinical trial supply service provider in China market and become Vendor of Choice for Chinese drug innovators to conduct clinical trials in China or out of China. CLINSCHAIN will continue to strengthen its core competencies in quality, efficiency and service.   

In the next 5 years, not only will CLINSCHAIN  provide the most comprehensive end-to-end services to customers, it will become a leading technology company and establish innovative advantages in IT systems and industry solutions.

4. What challenges do you see moving from rest of the world into the Chinese market and how can ClinsChain offer support?

 There are a few challenges in the Chinese market including regulatory compliance, import and export, risk management including those brought over by Covid 19 control, transportation, communication with investigational sites, service availability, etc.

For import and export, CLINSCHAIN has a dedicated import and export team who are experienced in providing one-stop import and export services including consultation, IOR service, application of import licenses, customs broker, etc. ClinsChain can also manage customs clearance through different ports including Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, bonded areas, etc.

For regulatory compliance, CLINSCHAIN’s QA team consists of experts with industry-leading experiences. CLINSCHAIN has also established partnerships with regulatory consulting companies when any further consultation is needed.

For risk management, CLINSCHAIN  has Business Continuity Plan which proved to be highly effective when recently we encountered 9-week lock-down in Shanghai by the government. We were able to maintain our operation during the lock-down period and had all distribution orders and packaging orders completed in time. The fact that CLINSCHAIN  has two depots respectively in Shanghai and Beijing is also perceived by our clients as a great solution to mitigate risks.

For transportation, leading cold chain transportation company ShengSheng Logistics invested in CLINSCHAIN. Through this partnership, CLINSCHAIN’s transportation solution is known by customers as cost-effective while service oriented.

For communication with sites, Clinschain ensures that the communication is well handled through a well-defined order processing procedure and a dedicated order processing team. We also closely monitor KPIs including customer satisfaction and deviations.

For service availability, CLINCHAIN can support any urgent service needs during non-working hours.