In 2016, Sharp Clinical (UK) introduced an employee welfare program to enhance its application for recognition by the Wales Government Corporate Health Standard panel.

So began twice-yearly visits from an Occupational Health (OH) professional offering Sharp-sponsored health tests and advice for all.

Dan, a valued member of the production team in his twenties, had been feeling unwell for some time; tired, with low energy levels and general malaise. He had hit the absence triggers for sickness which involved a supportive meeting with HR and his line manager.

As a result, he was referred to OH. Following a chat and some blood tests, Dan was advised to see his GP and was diagnosed with an acute vitamin deficiency. He was prescribed medication and while it helped for a while, at the next OH visit he was still not feeling 100%. He was advised to go back to his GP and as a direct result he now has increased monthly medication and feels incredibly well. He has also turned his life around in other ways, with an improved diet and plenty of sunshine, supported by Sharp’s ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ fruit supply as well as his own hard work and self-motivation.

Dan has not been off sick in over 6 months and is getting on with his life!

Sharp believes in the holistic support and development of all employees that goes beyond simply helping them do their job. Energy is one of our core values, and all Sharp employees strive to bring energy to the work we do. We were delighted that through the Sharp Occupational Health program, Dan found a new lease of life and regained his energy!