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Earlier this year the Sharp US team in Conshohocken undertook a complete review of their waste removal practices in order to gain a greater understanding of their environmental impact.

This uncovered significant opportunities for redirecting materials that had previously been sent to landfill, as well as continuing the highest standards of recycling for other materials such as cardboard, shrink-wrap, pallets and fibre drums.

For all other materials at Conshohocken, Sharp now converts this waste to clean, renewable energy at a local energy-from-waste (EfW) facility. These facilities convert waste into clean, reliable and renewable sources of energy that produce electricity with less environmental impact than almost any other energy source. Energy produced at EfW facilities typically produces 90% less greenhouse gas than landfill and is classified as Green Renewable Energy, the same category as wind, hydro and solar energy sources.

With the recent introduction of the EfW practice at Sharp in Conshohocken, we are delighted to report that all Sharp Packaging facilities in the US are now landfill free. These combined waste management changes have led to a significant positive environmental impact in 2017, which can be expressed as the following energy savings:

All Sharp Packaging US facilities now landfill free

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