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At Sharp, we have the privilege of working in an industry that improves the lives of patients around the world. Today on International Clinical Trials Day, we reflect on what it means to be involved in clinical trials and how our work contributes to improving patients’ lives.
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Mia Kobuta, Logistic Client Services Manager, describes what it means to her to work in clinical trials, “Working in clinical trials fulfils my dream to be a part of something bigger – helping people. I couldn’t imagine having a better job than helping to bring innovative drugs to those in need.”

In his role as Head of Business Development for Sharp Clinical UK, Scott Forde said “I am a part of a collaborative and dedicated team who strive to support all our customers to achieve the same goal – the advancement of science and medicine. My contribution to that process matters.”

Rachel Curran, Head of Commercial Services at Sharp Clinical UK, told us, “It is very rewarding to know that the packaging and distribution of patient supplies we carry out at Sharp can be life-changing for some patients. Being part of this immensely important research is very gratifying.”

Emily Lyon, Account Executive for Sharp Clinical US told us “Knowing that I play a small role in helping patients receive the (often) lifesaving medicines they so desperately need is an incredibly rewarding feeling. What we do is all about the patient at the end of the day and that is a huge motivator for me.”

Melissa Peirsel, IRT Manager told us, “The clinical trials we work on may improve someone’s quality of life, extend their lifespan and even reverse life-threatening diseases. The quicker we can help our clients bring these therapies to market, the sooner we can bring hope to patients. Being involved in that process is truly humbling.”

Eddie Montoya, Account Executive for IRT Services told us, “Working in clinical trials has given me the opportunity to be part of a profession that strives to bring quality medicines to patients that increase the quality and quantity of life. The impact of my work helps bring these medicines to patients sooner and at a lower cost to society.”

Across our business, Sharp employees take satisfaction in the fact that daily, they are making a difference. No matter the role, together we improve lives.

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