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During 2018, Sharp Clinical invested $36 million in new, dedicated facilities in both the US and the UK. Another £1 million has been invested into a further commercial expansion project In Rhymney, UK, to add to an already successful clinical division.

Over the past 6 months, a number of enquiries have been received at the Rhymney facility for commercial primary and secondary packaging services.  Without investment and expansion of the primary packaging space, the site would not have had the capacity or capability to convert this interest into actual orders.

In the first instance, Sharp and UDG Healthcare are offering continuity of service to ROWA Pharmaceuticals (A long-term customer of Sharp in The Netherlands) and their patient base worldwide, from the Rhymney site.  

Ian Morgan, General Manager of Sharp, said:

“In order to accommodate this new production volume into the Rhymney site, it was necessary to invest heavily in the facility by extending the available primary packaging space without compromising clinical trial capabilities.

“This expansion project will also enable Sharp to have a definite presence in Europe for primary blister packaging activities to potential new clients from the Rhymney facility while offering QP services for European distribution.”

Through investing in local companies and hiring experienced local staff, Sharp is now in a position to move further into the commercial market.

The expansion project includes:

  • Extension of existing primary and secondary areas 
    • 3 additional primary packaging rooms
    • 1 secondary packaging room
  • Installation of 4 blister machines in New Primary suite with 
    • additional 3 automated cartoners.

The new lines are to be integrated (primary into secondary packaging) featuring inline conveyor systems and automatic blister feeding, to increase capacity and improve packaging lead times. 

In addition to the new highly efficient, modern packaging services for primary and secondary packaging, Sharp is planning to introduce new serialisation, aggregation and authentication equipment.

This allows for future growth within the company for new and existing customers. With every new project or client, Sharp further develops its portfolio of suppliers, expanding the supply chain network. In turn offering competitive pricing for new, existing and potential clients, both nationally and internationally.

Sharp giving back:

As part of the expansion, Sharp invested heavily in local contract firms to deliver this complex project in a very tight timeframe, utilising the likes of Beacons Business Interiors (BBI) as the main contractor for the construction of the new facility. BBI was also instrumental in Sharp’s relocation from Crickhowell into the new state of the art facility in Rhymney. 

BBI were joined by JCAC – a mechanical services contractor based out of Merthyr Tydfil, CAD Electrical – Electrical and Instrumentation installations from Tredegar and several other Welsh companies including Nuaire, Beaven Consulting and Cold Clad to name just a few.

In addition to supplying local companies with opportunities to expand their portfolios, Sharp is now in a position to expand its workforce.

As part of this exciting new venture, many new roles are being created. Sharp, as always, will be looking to the local communities first for the workforce and resources required, allowing local knowledgeable technicians, engineers and staff to work with an ever-expanding global company.

About Sharp

Sharp, part of UDG healthcare, is a global leader in contract packaging and clinical services. Operating from eight state-of-the-art facilities across the US and Europe, Sharp has built an international reputation for delivering cost-effective blister packaging, bottling, secondary assembly and labelling of injectable presentations, compliance packaging, formulation and manufacturing services, label design and printing. Sharp is also a world leader in ’Track and Trace’ and serialization services, with over 11 years’ experience in implementing serialized solutions for its pharma clients.

Sharp has acquired a stake in Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing. This deal will allow us to better meet our clients' needs in regards to packaging and labeling. For more information, check out our press release:

Member news: @Sharp_Services acquires stake in @BerkshireSM

We're delighted to announce that Sharp has purchased a minority 25% ownership in @BerkshireSM with the support of @UDGHealthcare, extending the existing preferred partner agreement that has been in place since 2018.

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