COVID-19 response: Updated December 2021

As we are all aware, this COVID-19 pandemic will persist for some time. Sharp continues to prioritize the health and safety of all our employees whether working at one of our facilities or working from home. Our focus is to ensure our colleagues are protected and valued in their work, as together we play our part in safeguarding the timely supply of drug products for our clients and above all, their patients.  

We continue to review both local and global authority guidance during this pandemic and will update our health and safety procedures in line with that guidance in order to protect our employees, our facilities and our supply chain.

This includes the latest Guidance for Industry released from the FDA in June 2020 specific to the evaluation of ‘Good Manufacturing Practice Considerations for Responding to COVID-19 Infection in Employees in Drug and Biological Products Manufacturing’.

Everyone at Sharp has continued to show tremendous dedication and resilience to their work and for that, we are all extremely grateful.

“In this difficult time, your plant personnel continues to show up and make our products.  It is an easy thing, for a customer to have expectations of a third-party producer.  It’s another thing to show up to work every day in the midst of a pandemic.  For that, you have our heartfelt thanks.” Sharp Packaging Client

Safeguarding our colleagues

Sharp will continue to make the health and safety of our employees our number one priority.

  • All Sharp employees are encouraged to be vaccinated.
  • We are adhering to government guidelines with regard to hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and on-going health self-monitoring.
  • We are providing ongoing communications to reinforce the latest CDC and WHO guidelines, which includes a strict no-work policy for anyone who is sick.
  • We are working to ensure employees who can work from home have the necessary IT infrastructure and support to ensure continuity of service for our clients.
  • Work-related travel continues to be restricted to essential journeys only and is subject to management approval.

Safeguarding our facilities

Sharp has served our pharma clients without interruption throughout this pandemic and we are also proud to support a number of COVID-related therapies from our facility network.  Now more than ever we need to carefully manage access to our GMP production sites.

  • All non-essential visits into and out of Sharp facilities have been suspended, until further notice.
  • We have limited movements between facilities on our shared campus for our colleagues.
  • We have asked all logistic providers arriving to our facilities to avoid all physical contact with Sharp employees.
  • Any essential visit to Sharp facilities have been restricted and are now subject to strict approval in advance by our Site Leaders at each Sharp location.

Site visitation process:

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